Terms & Conditions

  1. Alpha Nexus Top Trader (ANTT) Funded Account program has 3 Phases
  2. To enter Phase 1, Trader needs to pay a one time evaluation fee. The price of the evaluation fee will depend on the amount of the funded account. The fee for funded account is as below:(i) Fee for $20,000 funded account is $100
    (ii) Fee for $50,000 funded account is $250
    (iii) Fee for $100,000 funded account is $500
    (iv) Fee for $200,000 funded account is $929
  3. Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be running on the Juno-Demo server, while Phase 3 will be running on the Juno-Live server. Upon entering Phase 3, traders will be registered with Juno Markets. Juno Markets will be the counter party for funded accounts.
  4. All 3 Phases will be trading on ECN spread.
  5. All 3 Phases will have a starting capital of
    (i) USD 20,000 for challenge with fee of $100
    (ii) USD 50,000 for challenge with fee of $250
    (iii) USD 100,000 for challenge with fee of $500
    (iv) USD 200,000 for challenge with fee of $929
  6. All 3 Phases have a leverage of 1:100 and overnight trades are allowed
  7. Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be running on swap-free account while Phase 3 will be with swap
  8. All 3 Phases operate with unlimited trading period.
  9. Each Trader can only have one Phase 1 account at any given moment, and can only open another Phase 1 account if the current account has progressed to Phase 2, which, in turns, means multiple Phase 2 or Phase 3 accounts is possible if their account progression allows that
  10. For Phase 1 to advance to Phase 2, and for Phase 2 to advance to Phase 3, the following requirements must be met:
    1. There must be a minimum of ten separate days in which trades are opened.
    2. The maximum daily drawdown must not exceed 5% from the highest daily equity, determined by the latest equity snapshot taken daily at 5pm Eastern Time.For Example: If the equity at the start of a trading day is USD 21,000, then the maximum daily drawdown allowed is 5% of USD 21,000, which is USD 1,050. Any drawdown higher than that and the account will be disabled. Otherwise, the account can move on to the next day and a new equity will be used to determine the maximum daily drawdown allowed.
    3. The maximum total drawdown loss must not exceed 10% of the highest daily equity ever reached, also determined by the latest equity snapshot taken daily at 5pm Eastern Time.For Example: At the end of each trading day, the equity will be recorded. If this equity is higher than all the previous days’ ones, this amount will be designated as the highest daily equity ever reached. Say the equity of the first 4 days are USD 20,000, USD 20,500, USD 21,500, and USD 21,000, that means, the highest daily equity ever reached is USD 21,500, and if the drawdown at any point is more than 10% of this number, which is 10% * USD 21,500 = USD 2,150, then the account will be disabled.
    4. Phase 1 must reach a profit of 10%, while Phase 2 must reach a profit of 5.
  11. If EITHER Point 10.b OR 10.c is breached, all floating trades will be forced closed and the account will be disabled.
    Trader will have to start anew from Phase 1.
  12. If BOTH Point 10.b and 10.c are not breached AND if Point 10.d is met, all floating positions must be closed before Juno Markets’ evaluation can start.
  13. If the account fails to reach the target profit BUT has not breached 10.b and 10.c. Trader is entitled to a new Phase 1 account.
  14. Once the account passed Juno Markets’ evaluation, Trader can then enroll for Phase 2 (Verification). A brand new account will then be created and a new Phase will start. All records in the previous phase will not be considered and Point 10 will be in force again.
  15. Upon the first withdrawal request of a funded account, a Trader will be refunded the initial subscription fee plus 75% of the profit split.
  16. Once the withdrawal request is processed, Trader can trade again with the Phase 3 account and Point 14 will be in force again.
  17. Account evaluations of Juno Markets Prop Trading Challenge:
    1. It is important to understand that under this program Juno Markets is looking for a trader who can generate stable, long term returns. As such, Trader in this program must not trade with “unreasonable” risk or gambling kind strategies.
    2. All trades will be monitored in real time to ensure restrictions and guidelines below are adhered. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of any fees paid or profits due.
    3. EAs or scripts are allowed.
    4. Trade must not engage in copy trades or follow other traders entry and exit signals, including their own Juno Accounts. Juno Markets Risk Team shall have the right to deem that Trader coordinates or copies their trades if several trades with the same instruments in the same direction are made within one minute of each other.
    5. In addition, if the same trade is taken on the Trader’s any other Juno Account, there must be at least 1 minute difference between the entries.
    6. All trades must be based on the Trader’s own analysis and decisions.
    7. Trader is not allowed to provide trading signals from any Juno Markets Prop Trader Program in any format (digitally or otherwise) to third parties or any other Juno Accounts.
    8. News event trading is allowed.
    9. Trading strategy must be responsible and consistent during the whole period.
      The (converted) volume of any single day must not exceed 30% of the total (converted) volume. Likewise, the profit of any single day must not exceed 30% of the total profit.
    10. The trading style must demonstrate that the strategy works in the long term and is not based on pure luck.
    11. For example, if Trader places an unusually large number of orders within an unreasonably short period of time or places unusually large or small orders compared to previous trades, it will be considered as “unreasonable” or gambling.
    12. In addition, position holding time must be deviate from the average trade duration by an unreasonable amount of time.
    13. Juno Markets reserves the right to determine, at its own discretion, the nature of the behaviour described above and the reasonable boundary for such determination.
    14. In such cases, Juno Markets reserves the right to terminate the Trader’s account.
    15. Traders are allowed to trade all the available instruments on Juno Markets, except for Stocks CFDs.
    16. Any of the following will result in immediate termination of the Challenge:
      1. Any form of arbitrage performed in the trading account, be it Demo or Real Account.
      2. Usage of specialised software programs that are designed to exploit possible price latencies and/or price freezes, or give the Trader any unfair advantage.
      3. Abuse of technological issues of Juno Markets, intentional or otherwise.
      4. Usage of external or slow data feed while trading.
      5. Perform trades , alone or in concert with any other persons, including between connected accounts, trades or combinations of trades the purpose of which is to manipulate trading, for example, by simultaneously entering into opposite positions.
      6. Perform trades that violate the Terms and Conditions of Juno Markets.
      7. Perform trades that are in contradiction to how trading is performed in the Forex market or in any other financial markets, or in a way that establishes justified concerns that that Juno Markets might suffer financial or other harm as a result of the Trader’s activities.